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JRK’s Immuno BS tonic for children, SIVA herbal drops, JRK’s Nilavambu kudineer choornam (in sachets and as tablets) boost immunity , protect against infections and improve quality of life.

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Customer Reviews

The products are good and dependable be it skin care soap, ointment, oil, however, it would be better if the website is upgraded and made more user friendly

Psorolin Derma Skin care soap 75 gm

First puchased the kit used for about 15 days.Continued with ointment. Good result .Good improvement.

Psorolin B ointment

Help full for Psoriasis and remove scales. control itchiness and inflammation.

Best product for Psoriasis

No 1 Soap for skin care

Verdura Skin Fresh Bathing Bar
Vinod Kumar

Delivery was quick and the oil is really working... Amazing

Dr. JRK's 777 Oil
Sanchi Arora

Dr.JRK’s Research Products are certified