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DoloBalm pain balm 25 gm

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Dolobalm is a combination herbs indicated for pain relief that gives fast and sustained relief from acute pain of various origin.



Acute muscular pain, Head ache, Spasm, back pain, neck pain, Sports sprain.


• Effective for acute pain of various origin
• Offers anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect
• Mild counter-irritant effect gives a feel of instant relief.
• Gives a soothing effect at the site of pain which reduces inflammation.
• Presented in non-sticky and non-messy form

Product ingredients

Each 5 gm contains extracts of
• Cinnamomum camphora : 0.2 mg
• Gaultheria fragrantissima : 0.5 mg
• Clerodendrum phlomoides : 5.0 mg
• Cardiospermum halicacabum : 5.0 mg
• Mentha piperita : 0.2 mg
• Balm base with bees wax: Q.S

How to use

• Apply Dolobalm over areas of pain and gently massage
• Continue regular usage until pain subsides
As directed by the physician.
For external use only

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