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JRK's Heal Fast gel 25 gm

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JRK’s Heal fast possess hybrid wound healing technology, that is proven to heal the wounds fasts and also helps to prevent secondary infections in diabetic ulcers. It contains herbal extracts which possesses proven wound healing and antimicrobial properties.


Diabetic ulcer and impetigo

Secondary indications: Minor cuts, first degree burns and urticaria


• Possess faster wound healing property
• Prevents secondary infections in diabetic ulcers
• Effective for minor cuts, first degree burns and urticaria
• Provides cooling effect on the wound surface

Product ingredients

Each 5 gm contains extracts of
• Wrightia tinctoria : 0.05 mg
• Aloe vera : 0.05 mg
• Curcuma longa: 0.02 mg
• Terminalia chebula : 0.02 mg
• Ointment base: Q.S.

How to use

• Apply gently over affected areas twice a day.
• Do not rub or massage.
As directed by the physician.
For external use only

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