• Psoriasis kit
Psoriasis kit

JRKs 1-3-2 Psoriasis Kit

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• Reduces Progression of lesions
• Faster and Effective in inflammatory psoriasis phase and moderate to severe psoriasis
• Quick relief from itching, scaling, redness and inflammation
• Prolongs the period of remission


All types of Psoriasis

Each Kit Contains 

Dr.JRK’s 777 oil 100 ml - 1 unit

Psorolin oil 100 ml - 1 unit

Psorolin B ointment 75 gm - 1 unit

Psorolin medicated bathing bar 75 gm - 2 unit



1-3-2 topical therapy provides 24/7 protection for psoriasis patients in line with day and night cycle (Circadian rhythm). 1-3-2 Psoriasis Kit is now fortified with Psorolin – B ointment which contain Boswellic acid and Red ochre that has strong anti-inflammatory actives which make the 1-3-2 kit even more powerful. It comprises of Dr.JRK’s 777 oil, Psorolin oil, Psorolin B ointment and Psorolin medicated bathing bar

Product ingredients

Dr.JRK’s 777 oil
• Wrightia tinctoria : 50% w/v
• Coconut Oil: 50% w/v
Psorolin oil
Each 5 ml contains extracts of
• Wrightia tinctoria : 100 mg
• Indigofera tinctoria : 50 mg
• Indigofera aspalathoides : 25 mg
• Oleum cocus nucifera: Q.S.
Psorolin medicated bathing bar
Each 100mg base contains
• Aloe vera : 10 mg
• Wrightia tinctoria : 10 mg
Psorolin B ointment
Each 5 gm contains
33.3% oil extract of Wrightia tinctoria: 3.33%
33.3% oil extract of Cynodon dactylon: 3.33%
Boswellia serrata: 1%
Hydnocarpus laurifolia: 0.1%
Red ochre: 0.2%
*Ointment base: Q.S.
*Enriched with Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin E, Natural source of Vitamin D and Salicylic Acid

How to use

Pre Bath Care
• Apply sufficient quantity of Dr.JRK's 777 oil over the entire skin and scalp in the morning, and then expose to sun light for 10-15 minutes (optional).
• Then use psorolin medicated bathing bar and Lumina herbal shampoo for bathing and cleansing the hair & scalp.

Post Bath Care
• After bath, pat dry the skin and then apply Psorolin oil in the affected areas. The skin has to be massaged gently for 2-3 minutes to ensure complete absorption of the oil. After application of Psorolin oil, apply Psorolin B ointment over the affected areas.
• During mid-day, apply Psorolin B ointment over the affected areas. During night both Psorolin oil and Psorolin B ointment should be applied over the affected areas.
• 1-3-2 topical treatment for Psoriasis to be continued during remission period also for sustained relief.
As directed by the physician

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Sumedh Singh

Good for psoriasis

Fatima Andrade

I am happy with the kit. It is too early to send any review

Great Product for Psoriasis

Helps with Psoriasis recovery