JRK's Anti dandruff and Hair Growth Kit

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JRK's Anti-dandruff and Hair Growth Kit

Kit Contains 
Anagen Grow unique Hair serum 100 ml -1 Nos
Dano active ad oil 100 ml - 1 Nos
Lumina Ad herbal shampoo - 1 Nos


Effective against multi drug resistant fungi, Pityrosporum ovale
• Prevents itching, scaling & associated hair loss
• Prevents recurrence
• Clears scalp scales by inhibiting cell multiplication

Lumina AD herbal shampoo Removes scalp scales and relieves itching
• Quick kill effect on fungal pathogens
• Deep conditioning of scalp and hair
• Rejuvenates scalp micro-cosmogens

Anagen grow - A unique hair growth serum proven to repair damaged hair and control hair fall.

EGCG (present in Amla) reduces alpha reductase activity.
Prolongs anagen phase of hair
Provides moisturization to hair shaft
Promotes hair growth & prevents hair damage

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