About Us

Caredura Products brings scientifically proven and clinically effective skin and haircare to your doorstep.

We pride ourselves in being the pioneer of distributing Dr. JRK’s and Verdura products across the World. We deal with products for Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Dry Skin, Hair Care, Immunity, Pain management and several other indications.
Our endeavour is to help reach Indian medicines and speciality cosmetics to all corners of the world and cater to the unmet needs of customers.

All products on our platform undergo strict Quality Control in line with applicable standards.

Dr. JRK’s and Verdura products are registered in several International Markets after being evaluated for their safety and efficacy. The products are supported by thousands of doctors and millions of people worldwide.


Please visit www.caredurastore.com for shipping outside India and www.caredurastore.in if you are in India.


Caredura products is a company focusing on promising business verticals –

Marketing and distribution of products in the specialty cosmetics range and alternative systems of medicines.
With the changing environment in distribution and the importance of e-commerce platforms in health, wellness and cosmetics, Caredura products sees for itself a distinct opportunity to reach the unique formulations to both Indian and global markets. Many unique and clinically effective formulations that are needed by customers but limited by their geographical reach can now be made available widely at the click of a button.