Challenge and threaten dandruff with the best herbal remedy – Lumina herbal shampoo

Challenge and threaten dandruff with the best herbal remedy – Lumina herbal shampoo

Lumina herbal shampoo is a wonderful Siddha formulation to mitigate dandruff and other scalp disorders.  Lumina is formulated with several important medicinal herbs which were eloquently mentioned in the ancient scriptures of the Siddha system of medicine for their stupendous therapeutic value.  

The medicinal properties of the herbs are poignantly listed towards the treatment of scalp disorders, dandruff, and hair fall.

Dandruff is quite agonizing and distressing scalp disorder where the scalp cells proliferate rapidly and then accumulate one over the other making the scalp appear awkward, itchy, and scaly.  Due to the non-contagious nature of the disease, dandruff is considered more a physiological aberration of the scalp cell turnover cycle and hence individual-centric predisposing factor is largely associated with dandruff than the super virulence of the aetiological agent. 

Therefore maintaining scalp hygiene and health are inevitable along with providing some palliative treatment approach towards attaining quickly the cybernetics of the scalp micro-ecosystem and cell turnover cycle.   The palliative treatment measures best suited must be followed regularly so that the problem of dandruff can be prevented permanently. 

The role of medicinal herbs in maintaining good health and alleviating several minor health problems are known to mankind for ages. Lumina herbal shampoo is formulated with the essence of the above science blending with the right choice of medicinal herbs to fight dandruff.   

Lumina herbal shampoo is scientifically validated and proven by the latest scientific tools such as ATP bioluminescence assay, Cytogenetic aspect of cells, and fungal metabolism modification towards the total elimination of the fungi.  Besides addressing the problem of dandruff, Lumina herbal shampoo is also formulated to promote hair growth, reduce hair fall and provide the much-needed hair conditioning, luster, and shine to the hair.  

The quick kill effect and un-questionable sequestering nature of the shampoo make it a great performer in all types of water. 

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