JRKs Kesh Raksha Hair Vitalizer oil

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JRK's Kesh raksha hair vitalizer oil is an advanced formulation with eight select medicinal herbs such as Piper nigrum (Black pepper), Terminalia chebula (Myrobalan), Bergamia koenigii (Curry leaves), Lawsonia alba (Henna), Phyllanthus emblica (Amla), Indigofera tinctoria (Indigo),Eclipta alba (Bhringraj) and, Embelia ribes (Vidanga) that arrest hair fall and also nourish scalp & hair.It is non sticky, non-greasy and makes the hair strong and dense. This premium oil penetrates faster into the scalp and prevents hair loss.


• Increases blood circulation around hair roots
• Activates hair follicles and their multiplication
• Makes hair thick, long and strong
• Prevents premature greying

Product ingredients

Black pepper
Improves blood circulation in scalp. Prevents hair loss as it has proven alpha reductase inhibitory effect.

A rich antioxidant that prevents premature greying of hair and promotes hair growth.
Promotes hair growth by inhibiting 5 alpha reductase. Improves hair pigmentation and prevents greying.
Curry leaves
Rich in beta carotene and proteins which treat damaged hair, add bounce, strengthen hair shaft and prevent hair fall.

Henna prevents premature hair fall by balancing pH of the scalp. Promotes hair growth and also prevents greying of hair.
Prevents greying of hair and promotes hair growth.
Stimulates hair growth and prevents greying of hair.
Triggers hair growth.

Each 100 ml contains extracts of
Piper nigrum- 2.5%
Terminalia chebula- 2.5%
Phyllanthus emblica-2.5%
Bergamia koenigii- 2.5%
Lawsonia alba-2.5%
Indigofera tinctoria- 2.5%
Eclipta alba- 2.5%
Embelia ribes-2.5%
Excipients- Q.S

How to use

Apply over scalp and hair. Give gentle massage over scalp. Use regularly for best results.

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