Monsoon and Fungal infections

Monsoon and Fungal infections

Fungal infections of the skin are growing alarmingly all over world due to multitude of reasons.  However most of the fungal infections largely require strong host related predisposing factors such as diabetes mellitus, cancer etc.  Most of the fungi are not a true pathogen and hence only when the host’s immune defense is weak, can infect the host.

The question of why a surge in skin infections is seen during monsoon season and not due that much in summer has occupied centre of research in several countries. 

Subsequently the mystery has been unraveled and the reason being, during monsoon season, the high humidity and wetness make the skin, especially the non-nucleated layer- stratum corneum and as a result, the skin cells swells and minor fissure would occur.  Such fissure would naturally facilitate fungal colonization to take place. 

Therefore extra care to our skin must be given especially during monsoon season otherwise fungal infection of the skin can pose problem. 

Dr JRK’s have brought out a scientifically tested and medically proven Antifungal AF cream to protect the skin during monsoon from fungal attack.  AF cream is formulated with herbs with greet legacy in Siddha system of medicine and therefore AF cream is very effective and we have also studied the antifungal effect of the same in detail. 

AF cream not only kills the fungus but also prevent fungal adhesion over the skin.  The hydrophobic phase of the cream gives extra edge to the skin to prevent its water imbibition during monsoon and resultant damage.  

Therefore AF cream can be used well in advance during summer even when people do not suffer from fungal infection because prevention is better than cure with reference to fungal infection of the skin is concerned as fungal infection of the skin is difficult to treat if the sufferer is undergoing any of the predisposing factor. 

Monsoon there for must tease the mind of people to take extra care and caution to protect the skin and the best and safe solution is Dr JRK’s AF cream.

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