Know more about cough and its relief

Know more about cough and its relief

Cough in simple definition is the response of our body to ‘some’ irritant that irritate the throat and or airways.  Both pathological and non-pathological reasons can elicit cough.  Within pathological cause, the manifestation can be post-infection stage or during active infection state.  Whatever be the underlying reason, cough cause great physical distress, tiredness and agonizing effect to the sufferer.  

The most common cough we encounter in our life is post-infectious cough which occur post infection due to bacteria or virus.  One of the less discussed and partly less understood reason for post-infection stage cough is not just the readjustment of our immune function to get to the balanced state from where it got abraded by the pathogen, instead, the attenuated toxin and antigen burden seems to be disproportionately high than the clearing cells otherwise called as phagocytes. 

Therefore, the elimination mechanism acts violently to remove the burden to support the raising immune defense mechanism.    

JRK’s anti-coff is a Siddha drug that has been extensively researched to prove the efficacy and clinical value.  JRK’s anti-coff has enormous conciliatory effect to alleviate both dry and productive cough, instantaneously.  The herbal medicines in the formulation has both mucolytic and muco- constriction effect besides removing attenuated toxins though activated phagocytosis.  Phagocytic ability of the macrophages also the drug increases and thereby pathogen elimination is also achieved simultaneously. 

The herbal drugs used in the formulation are well documented in ancient AYUSH literature and reported to have wide spectrum of medical and therapeutic benefits that are essential to those who suffer from cough, bacterial and viral infection.  Additionally, JRK’s anti-coff also known to increase digestion, appetite and reduce constipation and such benefits are important for patients.  The non-sedative nature of the formulation along with improved glucose metabolism effect also needs to be mentioned especially. 

Increase your enthusiasm, hope and confidence, try out JRK’s anti-coff to make your day during active upper respiratory infection and also during post-infections stage joyful, suffering free and relaxed. 


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